why we are different

Hands-on Loan Approvals

The Mortgage Guys have access to hundreds of different home mortgage products, many with low down payment options and the lowest wholesale interest rates available in the home loan market today. We review, compare, analyze and revise our home mortgage offerings every day so we can offer you a customized solution — not some canned, off-the-shelf home mortgage product.

Using our hands-on loan approval process, we can help Northeast Ohio homebuyers in practically any circumstance, including:

Homebuyers with poor credit

This is one of our areas of specialty. We work closely with homebuyers who have poor credit to help them make changes to improve their credit scores so they can qualify for a home mortgage. The process of repairing credit starts with a thorough examination of your current credit situation. Our trained credit professionals will offer specific guidance in what must be corrected and disputed in order to improve your credit score, as well as an estimate of how long it might then take to receive a home mortgage approval. Sometimes, this can be as little as a few days, while other times it can take a few weeks or months.

First-time and younger homebuyers

The home-buying process can be confusing and intimidating for first-time homebuyers. We help demystify things by carefully explaining and walking your through every step of the home mortgage process.

Homebuyers with small down payments

We have access to hundreds of different home mortgage products with different down payment options, including some with down payments as low as 3.5% for home purchases and refinancings.

Small business owners and 1099 independent contractors

Sometimes it can be difficult for these homebuyers to obtain a home mortgage due to the challenge of verifying their income. We have a successful track record of helping these types of individuals secure home mortgages and realize their home-buying dreams.