Loan Programs

Loan Programs to Meet Every Need

First Mortgage

The Mortgage Guys understand that providing clear, simple answers to first-time homebuyers is the best way to help them through the sometimes complicated process of applying for a home mortgage. Although each customized home financing package has its own variety of features, the concept is really quite simple: A home mortgage is a loan made to help you finance the purchase of a home. A lender advances you a certain amount of money, which you repay with interest over a specified period of time (usually 30 years, but sometimes 15 years).

Mortgage Refinancing

You may already have some goals in mind for refinancing, but do you know which loan option will best meet your needs? Selecting the right mortgage is central to the refinancing process, so it's important to understand all your options. The Mortgage Guys will review your goals and financial information and recommend the best option for you. As we begin the refinancing process, you'll need to consider two things at the outset: Which loan type best meets your refinancing needs, and which loan term offers the ideal repayment schedule for you?

Business Loans

If you need cash for your business, The Mortgage Guys offer you the ability to use the equity in your residential or commercial real estate to secure a business loan. By choosing a real estate equity loan, you may be able to access more money at a lower interest rate than with a traditional bank loan or line of credit.

Streamlined Loans (FHA and VA)

Streamlined loans allow homeowners to refinance their current FHA and VA loans without a new appraisal or, in some cases, the need to re-verify income. This may provide a great opportunity for homeowners to lower their mortgage interest rate in the midst of an unstable real estate environment in which home values remain stagnant or are even continuing to fall in some regions.