About The Guys

A Different Kind of Mortgage Company

The Mortgage Guys are Jeff Jaklitsch and Mark Kubek, two homegrown Northeast Ohio natives who have known each other since elementary school. Together, Jeff and Mark have 30 years of combined home mortgage industry experience

After working for various mortgage companies, Jeff and Mark recently decided to join forces and create The Mortgage Guys, a different kind of home mortgage company. Their philosophy is based on a new way to apply for a home mortgage, which they call Your Loan … Your Way.

The concept is surprisingly simple: Since no two borrowers are identical, The Mortgage Guys take a hands-on approach with each customer, custom-designing the perfect home mortgage for every individual circumstance, instead of trying to fit every buyer into one of just a few different kinds of home mortgages. While The Mortgage Guys work with every type of borrower, they specialize in helping buyers with poor credit repair their credit so they will have a better chance of obtaining a home mortgage.

It’s a common misconception that if you’re turned down for a home mortgage by a bank, you’re out of luck, but this is not the case at all.

If you are turned down for a mortgage, the Mortgage Guys will work with you to help make the changes necessary so that you can qualify in the future. Their approach is rooted in a deep desire to provide genuine, no-pressure customer service—a far cry from the “used-car salesman” approach taken by many mortgage brokers.

And since they operate independently from any mainstream financial institutions, they can streamline the home mortgage process significantly, making it much easier and faster.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to qualify for a home mortgage, you owe it to yourself to contact The Mortgage Guys and let them take a close look at your financial situation. They have been able to help thousands of individuals and families in all types of circumstances realize their home-buying dreams.